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Halloween Treats DD

Halloween Treats from our Blogging Friends

Are you ready for Halloween next week?   We have had so many yummy and FUN recipes being shared  with our Foodie Friends Friday linky parties in the past few weeks.   Here are a few fun treats that I found from a few blogging friends.   Enjoy!       Jeepers Creepers Peepers from Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies...   Candy Corn Mousse Cups from Live Love Pasta...       Chocolate Pumpkin Trifle from Upstate Ramblings...       Using square shaped pretzels, frosting and different colored candy corn, Sugar Swings made these really cute Halloween Pretzels...     Frankenstein Banana Pops from This Mama Loves...       These Candy Corn ... read more

Double Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen' -

Join the Amaryllis Races #Gardensense

I'm sure you've heard the term referring to kids, "Growing like a weed" before. Have you ever heard, "Growing like an Amaryllis"? A hearty Amaryllis can grow up to an inch per day! This phenomenon sparks annual Amaryllis growing races. According to The Daily Press, Amaryllis is in the process of ... read more