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Hot Laps with Johnny Unser at Supermom Ride and Drive 2014

Cooper Tires Making It Easy to Answer: How to Pick New Tires?

I had never given much thought to how tires truly do impact the safety of a vehicle. So much thought goes into buying a car with high ratings, airbags, and extra safety features, but how often do you consider the tires that car is riding on? What if your tires kept you from having to utilize all those safety features of the car? How to pick tires doesn't have to be a challenging question and women should feel comfortable talking and asking questions with tire dealers to be sure you and your family stay safe. Recently I was invited by Cooper Tire to try out their newest tire, the CS5, at their test facility in San Antonio, Texas. Myself and a group of other moms set out to test, compare, and learn about tires. The "Supermom Ride and Drive Challenge" places ordinary moms like me out on a ... read more

Sausage and Kale Pasta

Perfectly Pasta Recipes for Easy Dinners

This post is a sponsored challenge by by Mode Media to find my own favorite pasta recipes to share with my readers.  All selections were made by me. Check out Perfectly Pasta by Tracy Iseminger at Now that school is back in session, life seems busier than ever. ... read more